Monday, December 18, 2006


I'm creating this blog as a way to keep in touch with my current students, both at UWW and my private students, and also to introduce myself to prospective students. As time goes by I may also pass along information that I think could be useful to young bass players, and occaisionally for musicians in general. Below is a little biographical information.

Scott Kreger Bio

Scott Kreger has been a member of the bass section of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra since 1984. He received his education at Illinois State and Indiana Universities, studying bass with Arthur Corra and Murray Grodner. After returning to the Chicago area he studied orchestral repertoire with Joseph Guastafeste and as a member of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago. His first orchestral position was as principal bassist of the Singapore Symphony. Mr. Kreger also spent a season with the Cincinnatti Symphony and has been a frequent performer with the Chicago Symphony. Prior to joining the faculty at UW-Whitewater he taught at Northern Illinois University and Lawrence University. He performs in many styles of music and has appeared in the rhythm section on many Milwaukee Symphony Pops concerts, as well as on tour and in recordings with a wide variety of artists.

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